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Human Performance Since 1981

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Human Performance since 1981

"Over the past two years Interlock's training systems helped us improve OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) an average of 5% per year." - Client's Director Organizational Development


"It's hard to believe what Interlock's training has done for our business.  Within one month of training, production on our paper machines improved over 20%." - Union V.P.


"I've learned more in the past 3 weeks than in the 15 years I've worked on the machines." - Operator


Interlock uses a "Top Down" approach to learning that makes training more effective for both near and long term retention.  We have designed and implemented training systems for new plants, as well as existing processes across a wide range of clients.  The following is an example of a "Top Down" approach:


Process Overview

This overview gives everyone an understanding of the complete product flow and where he or she fits into it.  It reinforces the importance of each employee's function and encourages them to look for ways to improve the product flow.


Machine Overview and Knowledge Assessment

This overview describes the machine and its purpose.  It shows the machine components and their function (including controls and idicators), and explains how the machine works.


Operating Procedure, including Troubleshooting Guide

The procedure is formatted into an easy to use, effective, three-column format.


OJT and Skills Assessment

Because the OJT and Skills Assessment are implemented directly with the procedure there is no need for a separate operator or maintainer training document.