The Interlock Group
Human Performance Since 1981

Total System Integration 


Human Performance since 1981




Interlock works with clients in a team approach to document processes and identify required procedures, training, and documentation.  Our associates are highly skilled in capturing subject expert's knowledge, identifying possible process improvements, and developing standard work practices.  We are experts at collecting information, then organizing it so it can be located by the right person at the right time to maximize human performance in accordance with the "Best Practices."  This is all done with a minimal impact on the client's personnel's time and production.


Rather than focusing on a single aspect of performance such as procedures or training or documentation, we focus on all of these in relation to the process and human performance.  This allows us to develop a system of human performance that totally integrates personnel and process.

Total System Integration


Integrated Procedures and Training System


New Plants, Lines, Systems, or Equipment Installation 


 Lean Process Improvement

A systematic approach to integrating process and human performance.


Provides more efficient learning, better compliance, fewer documents,

and reduced cost.

A systematic approach to integrating process and human performance.


Support for the implementation of lean process environment.

Support for the implementation and improvement of quality systems and compliance.


FDA, OSHA, and ISO Compliance