The Interlock Group
Human Performance Since 1981

Total System Integration 


Human Performance since 1981




Interlock's process quarentees continuous improvement long after our contribution is completed.  We approach each project using a coherent five step process with each step building toward the end result.


Interlock takes a systematic approach when addressing system variances, i.e., material waste, human error, breakdowns, start-up losses, set-up losses and equipment failures.


Lay a Strong Foundation



Set an initial baseline of system performance so progress can be measured.

Standardize Knowledge and Information


Establish a common base of knowledge among the workers and ensure that the right information is available at the right place, at the right time, in the right form.

Standardize the Work Process



Standardize system and operator performance through procedures mutually agreed upon by workers and management with provision for rapid adjustments, change, and improvements.

Build High Performance Teams


Develop cohesiveness, mutual support, and information sharing.  Our process of expert guidance and hands-on problem solving begins during standardization and continues throughout the project.

Internalize the New Methods



Transition from "project" status to incorporation of new methods and procedures into normal operations, ensuring continuous improvement.