The Interlock Group
Human Performance Since 1981

Total System Integration 


Human Performance since 1981




For three decades, Interlock has been helping clients achieve their productivity goals, while improving quality and reducing cost.  Our continued success is a result of our dedication to quality performance and consistently exceeding the expectations of our clients.


The Interlock Group began operations in 1981, helping commercial nuclear power plants improve their productivity and safety.  We redesigned control rooms and prepared operators for certification.  Since then, we've expanded  our services into complex industrial and manufacturing applications, such as pharmaceuticals, utilities, petrochemicals, transportation, and papermaking.


We have developed and successfully applied a totally new and unique approach to optimizing human performance, a strategy that results in rapid, significant, measureable increases in productivity, quality, and return on investment.


Within the context of the total system, and using proven principles of process improvement and quality control, we focus on operators and maintainers to rapidly develop knowledge and skills.


More importantly, high performance teams are established with pride in their work, motivation to excellence, and commitment to continuous improvement.