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Human Performance Since 1981

Total System Integration 


Human Performance since 1981



Interlock has designed, developed, and implemented training, procedures, and documentation for new plants, lines, system rebuilds, and equipment installations, including:



From an initial analysis of the proposed overall process a training strategy is developed that incorporates training for operator and maintainer positions, cross training, and job progression considerations. A development team(s) is then created composed of Interlock, client, and vendor personnel.  The Development Team performs a Task Analysis to identify required training, procedures, and documentation using vendor, client, and subject matter expert input.  The team works with Interlock to develop the training, procedures, and documentation.  Interlock prepares client personnel as trainers and OJT mentors.  The training is implemented, using the procedures and documentation, to prepare client personnel for startup.  Learnings from the startup are incorporated into the training, procedures, and documentation for the transition to normal operations. 


 Initial Project Analysis

Training Strategy 

 Create Development Team(s)

 Task Analysis

 Develop Procedures, Training, and Documentation

 Develop Trainers and OJT Mentors

 Implement Training

 Process / Equipment Startup

 Transistion to Normal Operations

"Interlock's training system has been a major factor in the success of this facility's start-up.  Every line has started ahead of schedule.  The teams have far surpassed the base projections. With the facility reaching its projected year-end target in two months.  The frequency of failure from error has been low.  There has been no serious injuries and not many incidents." - Construction Manager

"As a result of Interlock's Training System, not only have technicians mastered their immediate areas of focus, but they have been cross-trained within lines, completing 90% OJT items." - Training Manager

"Start-up of this facility has accelerated the production schedule.  The Interlock training was an essential factor in that it gave green people the necessary knowledge base to run the system.  There have been few human errors, significantly ahead of its projected learning curve." - Training Leader