The Interlock Group
Human Performance Since 1981

Total System Integration 


Human Performance since 1981



Interlock works with client teams to document processes, capture undocumented knowledge from experienced personnel, and identify possible process improvements.  We can help the client identify nonproductive wait times (lean input) and inefficient procedures and processes.  We then develop integrated procedures/work instructions and training to standardize the process and optimize human performance with the overall process.


Major Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facility


"The new lean procedures/training tools are key to our success in 2008.  There has been:

All performance indicators are moving in the right direction.  Use of the newly documented standardized best practices has facilitated an improvement in OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) and GMP compliance."

Cooling Tower Manufacturing Company


Interlock documented the process, then captured and incorporated undocumented knowledge from experienced operators into an Integrated Procedures and Training System.


"The Standardization of the process and more effective training supported our lean initiative which resulted in less waste, greater product consistency, and better production."

Majot Consumer Products - Medical Device Company


Interlock developed integrated lean procedures/training materials for the entire facility.  Helped facility pass both FDA and client audits.  Helped launch new team-based work process.


"Over the past two years Interlock's systems helped us improve OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) an average of 5% per year." - Director Organizational Development