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Human Performance since 1981



Interlock has helped many companies to:



so they could meet FDA, OSHA, and ISO compliance requirements.

Major Health Care / Consumer Products Facility

Activity:  Simplified, verified, and improved all of this facility's SOPs for team operation.  Developed effective OJT programs tied directly to the SOPs.

Results:  Helped the facility pass FDA, OSHA, and client audits.  Helped launch new team-based work process.

Comment:  "Over the past two years Interlock's training systems helped us improve OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) an average of 5% per year."


Major Penicillin Manufacturing Facility

Activity:  Simplified, reformatted, and verified production, laboratory, and quality SOPs.  Developed over 60 visual procedure/training programs, tied directly to the SOPs for both electronic and hard copy use.

Results:  Enabled the facility to correct 16 FDA audit items including SOP and training compliance issues.  Standardized and improved training.


Major Oil Refinery

Activity:  Evaluated the extent of compliance with OSHA 29 CFR 1910.119 PSM (Process Safety Management) requirements by conducting a compliance evaluation.  Developed OSHA compliant operating procedures for the entire refinery.

Results:  Helped the facility to meet OSHA's requirements and standardized all procedures.


Major Bio Pharm Manufacturing Facility

Activity:  Simplified, verified, and improved SOPs. Developed OJT program tied to SOPs.  Identified nonproductive wait times (lean input) and inefficient procedures and processes (six sigma inputs).

Results:  Helped facility pass FDA and client audits.  Helped implement new lean six sigma initiative..

Comment:  "Our relationship with The Interlock Group has been extremely positive.  Interlock has simplified and improved production, quality, and administrative SOPs.  Interlock also developed OJT programs tied to the SOPs that helped us introduce new product lines and increase productivity on existing production lines." - Human Resources Manager